For Station Owners

How much does it cost?

Every project is different. Therefore, ask quotation from our sales team.

Why doesn't cylclist pay for the parking isntead of me?

Our usual response depends on the type of customer: Business owner – by giving it free you generate more revenue from new customers. You can find a study HERE Municipality/university – You will get more cyclist out there if the bike parking is easy and secure – study to say why it’s good for you HERE

What Is needed from me to install the Long Run station?

Customer only needs to provide power cable at the location of installation. If that is not possible we would install a solar panel to power the station.

Do the racks work properly in the harsh weather conditions?

They work perfectly in winter and hot summer.

Can we change the location of the station after instalment?

Long Run stations are modular – you can add docks later, and if needed also change the location. For more flexibility, ground installation plates are advised. Picture HERE.

What if the station breaks down?

In the unlikely case of a breakdown: we will see the problem on our servers and we will restart the station remotely.

Can you make Long Run station with my brand colors?

Yes, Long Run smart bike racks have custom coloring as an option. Picture HERE

How much room do they take?

Depending on layout:

What is the electricity consuption for the stations?

Long Run requires (insert with our specifications).

Where can I find more technical information.

You can find more information by clicking HERE.

For Cyclist

How can I use Smart Bike Racks?

There are three options how to use the racks: Open it up with phone call Use RFID/NFC/Swipe card Use mobile application

What happens if the phone battery dies?

There is a hotline number written on the station information board, you need to borrow someone else’s phone to call to hotline and answer some security questions to confirm the identity.

Does the rack allow all types of bikes to park?

Yes, you can park all types of bicycles to Long Run station. Example photo HERE, basically you can park anything in Long Run station that has a loop from where the bar can go through.

Do the racks work properly in the harsh weather conditions?

They work perfectly in winter and hot summer. Picture HERE.